Investment Accelerator

Finalists will receive a prize of $40,000 on the roadshow from Nubility and meet 20 Capital Funds Face to Face

Complete the training, complete all the tasks, show the best result, and take your prize.


Learn Venture Capital economic model and market in China


How make flawless legal and follow investment regulations in China


How adopt business model to Chinees and Asian market


How Improve presentation skills to a superior level
Representatives of the State Committee, funds and venture investors will come to the demo day.



  • Handsome Capital
  • Shell Capital
  • Tokenloan
  • Snail Capital
  • Guoye Capital
  • Yijue Capital
  • Shanglian Capital
  • Yongle Culture
  • KanjinChao
  • Steed Blockchain
  • Rocket Panda
  • Rongxin Net
  • Lianshang Capital
  • Australia U Site
  • Juyu Blockchain
  • SpeedUp Capital
  • Quantum Capital
  • Chuangxiang Capital
  • Weternet Capital
  • Dachen Capital
  • Golden School
  • International Smile Track
  • Singapore 6X Exchange
  • FBank
  • HighSilver Capital
  • Sequoia Capital
  • Sparking Fund
  • Summer Commence Capital
  • Jisheng Capital
  • Only One Capital
  • Chaomu Capital
  • Zhongqi Capital
  • Thomas Capital
  • Node Capital
  • Caesar Capital
  • Tophus Capital
  • Wealth Capital
  • Toukai Capital
  • Hong Star Capital
  • Himalaya Capital
  • Deep Cloud Capital
  • Chuangda Capital
  • Liduo Capital
  • Junsheng Capital
  • Culture Silver Fund
  • Lucky Win Fund
  • Bit Capital
  • Zizi Youben
  • Eastern Chuangyin Capital
  • Lianbin Capital
  • TRP Capital
  • Strict Bean Capital
  • Zhenzhi Capital
  • Marriage Fund
  • Anshen Capital
  • Coin Tiger Capital
  • Huasheng Capital
  • Weiternet Capital
  • Sequoia Capital China
  • Micro Capital
  • Frees Capital
  • Aate Capital
  • Ansheng Capital
  • Shell Capital
  • Blc Capital
  • Coin Capital
  • Beho Fund
  • Capture Capital
  • Over-raised Capital
  • Chuangda Capital
  • China Growth Capital
  • Prowise Capitai
  • Dong Ang Investment
  • Oriental Profit-creating
  • Dong Ge Capital
  • Dmall Capital
  • Plural Capital
  • Fan Zhou Capital
  • Forward Holding Capital
  • Goldin Capital
  • Consensus Fund
  • Country Industry Capital
  • Guoyi Capital
  • Hello Capital
  • Handsome Capital
  • Contract Capital
  • Lotus Capital
  • Herostart Capital
  • Hua Sheng Capital
  • China Renaissance
  • Fromgeek Capital
The issues in the program are covered in the media – you get a PR project as finalists.
During 4 weeks of intensive work in ShenZhen, it’s opportunity to win and take the guaranteed $40,000 for fundraising services (20 face-to-face meetings with Capital Funds)


Register before February 1

If you do not fit, but you know someone who is suitable, refer them to us and get $1000. Terms of participation in the affiliate program at this link.

Q & A

Answer yuor questions

How often do meetings take place?

Every week you protect the project.

What is the training like?

You receive a task on a closed learning platform; all materials are recorded on video. Send the completed task – curators check your tasks.
Every Wednesday you defend the project – the judges give marks.

What happens if the scores are low?

Then you will fly out of the program.

Will you return the money?

Yes, in the first week you will have the opportunity to get your money back, then you will have only one way out: forward. In other words, after 7 days there will be no return.

Is housing included?

Yes, we offer co-living space, count on $700-$1500 per person per month, plus the same for food.

Do I need a visa?

Yes, for most countries it necessary for a stay of around 1 month, but it is easily obtained.

Do you take all projects?

No, you need to go through testing and scoring.