October Hong Kong event

Fall 2018 fundraising season started!

We bring 11 ICO to Asian investors in Hong Kong, so what?

The best way to start in Asia is to create positive news about ICO, because of too many bad news about regulations and crypto loses.

If you want to live in the better world – create one.

That’s why we invite 300 investors to Hong Kong into 5-star Cordis hotel. on 555 Shanghai Street to meet 11 startups for pitch competition.

Tony Tong – famous investor in China open the event

Who is Tony Tong?

Co-Chairman at Hong Kong Blockchain Association

Chief Strategy Officer at Madison-Group.com.hk 麦迪森区块链 Blockchain Investment ( Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange 8057-HK)

SuperAngelVentures (SAV) is a group of super-angel investors and serial entrepreneurs started in Cyberport Hong Kong in 2016, and led by the co-founders of Pacific Financial, iTM Ventures, OES Capital, Dana Asset Management.

We are proud to present projects to his network of super-angel investors in HK.

Pitch competition is one of the best ways to create goodwill for the company and get feedback from investors.

Only pitches. Only hardcore. People come to invest, not to learn.

Who are the judges?

  • Maurice Guindy    Managing Partner    Next Level
  • Jeans Tang    HKBA Ambassador    HKBA, Hong Kong Blockchain Association
  • Jeffrey Wei    Managing Partner    Wei Capital Management
  • Josh or Calvin    General Partner    Plutus VC
  • Chad or Stephen    Co-Founder    Crypto IB
  • Elizabeth Yeung    Co-Founder    Ignite
  • Ellis Gyongyos”    Founder    Know Your Token
  • Arthur Adams    CEO    SAI Bank
  • Bowie Lau”    Founder    Magespire
  • James Haft    Founder    Crypto Oracle
  • Kenji Ito    CEO    Coin Otaku
  • Phillip Wong    Vice Chairman    HKBA, Hong Kong Blockchain Association

Blockchain community voted for their award!

Networking forever. One of our ICO-client has just committed a 1mm deal from this event.

Nebula gets 17(!) meeting request from investors right after the pitch!

Who said ICO dead? It’s alive until you keep going.

Whats next?

Our clients move to Shenzhen to private meetings with investors.

Usually, they will get 10-35 meetings with serious funds only.

Apply if you are ready to meet investors

[ Reserve your spot here ]

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